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Close up of the top of a crane against the sky at twilight.
August 26, 2020 by B&B Crane Service
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Crane Rentals & More in North Myrtle Beach, SC

If you’re searching for crane rentals, conveyor solutions, & more in North Myrtle Beach, SC, B & B Crane Service is here for you!

A close up photo of a silver and blue conveyor belt system in an industrial setting.

July 22, 2020 by B&B Crane Service
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Conveyor Maintenance to Keep Your Systems Running Like New

In addition to top-notch crane service, B & B Crane also offers conveyor maintenance and solutions to keep your conveyor systems running like new.

Big yellow pile driver on a sunny day at a construction site with sand and dirt
June 24, 2020 by B&B Crane Service
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Professional Pile Driving Services for Your Job

In addition to crane rentals, B & B Crane Service also offers pile driving and sheet pile driving solutions to help complete your job.

A large truck is pulling an excavator in a trailer
May 27, 2020 by B&B Crane Service
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B & B Crane Offers Construction Equipment Rental Services

Of course, we offer crane rentals - but did you know you can also rent a variety of construction equipment from us, too?

A red crane is performing service on a cell tower in a grassy field on a sunny day. 

April 22, 2020 by B&B Crane Service
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Professional Crane Service for the Cellular Communication Industry

Cell towers are extremely important to the society we live in today - most people rely on their cell phones for communication, entertainment, and emergencies. But what happens when a cellular tower needs repairs or maintenance? That’s where we come in

A large crane and two small cranes are working on an elevator shaft on a construction site for a large building. The sky in the background is blue with no clouds.
March 24, 2020 by B&B Crane Service
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B & B Crane Service Offers Turnkey Industrial Construction Services

Complicating things is never ideal, so we make certain that we take all the measures possible in order to streamline your project.

A large flatbed truck is having cargo loaded onto it by a yellow crane. The back end of the truck is facing towards the camera at an angle, and most of the crane is out of the photo, with only the part of the crane holding the cargo showing. The cargo looks like long blocks of wood.
February 26, 2020 by B&B Crane Service
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B&B Crane Service Offers Freight Logistics That Get the Job Done

he Job Done Is your company in need of freight logistics? The professionals here at B&B Crane offer a variety of services, including freight hauling for any distance and to any destination.

A large red and white Mack truck heavy hauling a large blue dumpster down a dirt road.
January 21, 2020 by B&B Crane Service
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Heavy Hauling Services from B & B Crane Service Get the Job Done

We all have that one friend with a pick-up truck that is the go-to person to call whenever we need something hauled from point A to point B without any hassle. But sometimes...

Two cranes lifting heavy metal dome with rigging service from B & B Crane.
December 25, 2019 by B&B Crane Service
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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting: Rigging Services from B & B Crane

Are you searching for "rigging company near me" or "machine riggers near me" in the Carolinas? Then you've come to the right place.

November 27, 2019 by B&B Crane Service

Tips for Renting a Crane from B&B Crane Service

Here at B&B Crane Service, we offer a variety of cranes ranging from 8.5 ton carry deck crane rentals to rough terrain cranes and even 550T hydraulic cranes...


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